We have been committed to adopting the most innovative and effective building technologies and practices to ensure that we deliver the very best in our industry; a huge component of which is maintaining a vision of contemporary homes for contemporary families.

We build quality, sustainable, contemporary homes that you and your family can enjoy for lifetimes to come. Only using innovative building technology, state of the art design and high quality inclusions and leading, we want to ensure that your dream home will remain modern as well as suiting the individual needs of the client.

At Reward Homes, we understand the need for the modern Australian family in having a sustainable lifestyle. Our designs, business practices and materials have all adapted to be as sustainable as possible, thus setting us apart from within the industry.

We build contemporary urban homes to suit the changing and individual wants and needs that our clients desire. Our use of the highest quality materials and innovative technologies ensures that your home will retain their value and be sustainable both now and in the future.