what it is

The Eco Series offered by QT system contains an external wall system called Eco Clad that represents great innovation in the construction industry. Demonstrated by its numerous accolades including 2003 Finalist for Best New Product and the 2004 Special Commendation: Environmental Product, it contains high functionality combined with efficiency, quality, aesthetic possibilities and comfort for a household to the maximum degree.

It is a masonry veneer wall cladding system structured with a concrete slab at the base, and a cavity in the center. The cavity plays an important role in any QT®Eco Series as it allows for each panel to be incredibly lightweight without compromising on function and integrity. It offers a solid substrate with a wide range of finishes allowing for flexibility with architectural and design creativity.

The system is made from a patented formulation comprised of recycled polystyrene, cement and binders. It is 5 times more efficient when compared to brick veneer and performs extremely well on all measures in safety, quality, longevity, acoustic, fire safety and environmental sustainability.

using QT®Eco paneling

Benefitting everyone involved from the family whose dreams reside within the home, to their wallets, to the construction team, the QT®Eco Series paneling system represents a great step in construction technology. What sets it apart within the industry, is that it improves the home and the home building experience for all involved. The paneling itself it only 20kg per square metre panel; a fraction of that of the same quantity of bricks. It also does not require wet trades, scaffold hire and reduces the amount of labour needed for installation.

The benefits of the QT®Eco paneling system flow mostly to the residents. For the family who is to enjoy their home for decades to come, the QT®Eco paneling system provides an R2.5 thermal rating, meaning that its thermal rating is 3 times that of brick veneer and 3 times more energy efficient. It has also achieved a fire safety rating of 90/90/90, and can be used for boundary fire walls and dividing walls between units and townhouses. It is incredibly energy efficient whilst being more durable and strong and thinner than brick veneer.

Trust in Quality

The QT®Eco Series Wall system is structured with a concrete slab on the ground, the Eco Series wall panel with a proprietary coating system and a cavity in the centre and a vapour permeable sarking. This is important as it provides for the panel’s impressive serviceable lifetime of 30 years. As it provides a secondary barrier against wind driven rain penetration entering the wall framing, it also allows the condensation of moisture from the interior artificial heating and cooling to escape.

The cavity combined with the vapour peameable sarking also has another benefit of making it difficult for micro-organisms such as fungi to grow nor does it hold any nutritional value for ants or rodents (in compliance with The Building Code of Australia specific requirements for termite risk management). Considering the effects vermin can have on structural integrity of a property, the QT®Eco Series provides an assurance for a house’s longevity.

A further demonstration of its quality, is that it is durable against cyclonic wind impacts (suitable for C3 cyclonic wind classification) whilst being one of the most economical options on the market. Along with all these factors, all products are put through internationally renowned testing facilities, so families can trust that their dream home can stand the test of the elements and the test of time.

maximise your comfort

Whilst providing a solid barrier from the outside, the QT®Eco Series Wall System also provides benefits for the comfort within. Tested in accordance with AS/NZS 1276.1 for Airborne Sound Transmission, it achieved STC41 and Rw41 (-3,-8), an impressive sound abatement. Despite being thinner, lighter and cheaper, the Eco Series still maintains its dedication to maximising comfort to benefit the family that is to live inside it.

Furthermore, by being thinner it also significantly reduces the thickness of the wall. While going above and beyond the benefits and security of a brick veneer wall, each QT®Eco Series panel is only 55 millimetres in thickness; significantly less than any competitor. This increases the internal living space for a family, meaning extra square meters at no extra cost. Thus exponentially widening the possibilities for design creativity and functionality within a home.

The solid yet lightweight composition of the paneling has also achieved a thermal rating of 2.5 to the external wall. This presents an extra layer of comfort and functionality for a household as it aids in cooling in the summer and insulation in winter.

feel secure

The QT®Eco Series has a primary concern of keeping the family as safe as possible. This has lead to its commitment to make strong, durable walls that are put through strenuous testing to achieve internationally renowned standards.

The CSIRO Full-scale fire test FS 3685/2695 has proven that the QT®Eco wall system is capable of achieving fire resistance for 113 minutes integrity and 115 minutes insulation when tested. This means that for the purpose of Building Regulations in Australia, it has achieved a fire resistance level (FRL) of 90/90/90. This has achieved this incredible standard by utilising two layers of 13 millimetre thick fire resistant plasterboard to the internal timber frame, one layer of fire resistant building foil and one layer of 50 millimetre QT®Eco Series panel. This means that it is a GROUP 1 material as it scored zeros in all ignitability, spread of flame, heat evolved and smoke developed indexes. Through this thorough process as proven by testing, families can rest assured that their safety is the ultimate priority, should an incident occur.


Environmental concerns are part of the changing concerns of the contemporary Australian family as well as the changing business landscape. The QT®Eco Series has managed to produce high quality products using innovation and technology whilst being environmentally sustainable and highly effective. Especially in Queensland, the heavy usage of water and manufacturing processes can be taxing on a fragile ecosystem.

Conpolcrete is converted from recycled Polystyrene that would otherwise be in landfills. Currently, QT®Eco Systems recycles between 400,000 and 500,000 litres of polystyrene to use in its products, including the QT®Eco Series wall paneling system. To further their dedication to environmental sustainability, their products are also manufactured with recycled down water and harvested rainwater. This demonstrated thoroughness and a sense of responsibility to the community that is increasingly rare to find. When families enjoy the endless benefits of the QT®Eco Series paneling system, they can be rest assured in the fact that it came with no social cost to the environment.

design flexibility & aesthetic appeal

An exciting aspect of constructing your own home will be that the design and aesthetic for every detail is in the hands and creative will of the buyer. To watch a dream home be enriched with every small detail is part of the defining experience. The QT®Eco Series wall paneling system has provided added design flexibility and aesthetic possibilities. Each panel can be cut out into bands or is able to be laminated into multiple layers and shaped to achieve any desired profile. This means any decorative moulding can be quickly formed and installed with no time at all and once installed, a coating system applied to assure its longevity and integrity.

The QT®Eco paneling system also comes in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit any project. It aims to widen the channel for individual creativity as much as possible to suit the buyer.

construction time

The process of home building can be marred when the multiple processes can slow and drag the otherwise happy and life-defining event. Seeing flat earth turned into a family residence is a slow process and can pose many challenges. The paneling system and its installation process is much easier and faster than any other option on the market whilst extending beyond the benefits of anything else on the market. This makes it a more stress free process for the family by reducing build time.

The QT®Eco Series installation process of the panels themselves is faster as it requires no scaffolding, wet works or wet trade. Not only does this reduce the amount of labour needed, it also reduces the time needed.

Furthermore, it increases the speed of construction by eliminating the need for expensive equipment hire and transporting time. With less scaffold hire, carpentry installation and no wet trades, the QT®Eco panel system ensure the speediest yet quality wall on the market, with ease of mind and efficiency.