Michael McCrudden


Michael is the founder and director of Reward Homes with over 40 years of experience in the building industry.

Driven by his entrepreneurial skills, Michael founded Reward Homes with the vision of providing individuals and families with a quality and rewarding experience to create their dream homes. Michael prides himself in building strong relationships with his clients to understand their wants and needs and to help them achieve this.

Michael and his team at Reward Homes strive to challenge the industry status quo through innovative and sustainable ideas. Michael implemented the “Full Turn Key House Packages” to provide buyers with a fully completed and ready to move in home with all high end extras included.

As of today, Michael has successfully led the team at Reward Homes with over 250 homes built and hundreds of happy families.

Michael’s vision is to provide families with quality homes at affordable prices – continues to drive the success of Reward Homes.


Cheryl McCrudden

Operations Manager

Cheryl is a major contributor to the success of Reward Homes seen through her dedication to the company and her clients. She is responsible for the management of the Reward Homes team, overseeing all major operations and plays a pivotal role in the company.

Cheryl strives to provide her clients with the best and most satisfying building experience with Reward Homes. She genuinely cares for her clients and will go beyond to ensure that they are involved and informed with every step of the process.

With great care and diligence in her work, she leads an excellent team to manage operations and ensure that they are well detailed and smooth running. Her strong communication and liaison skills enable her to work effectively with her clients, team members and other stakeholders. Where problems arise, Cheryl is able to respond with the highest level of professionalism with quick and effective solutions to address it.

In the past eight years, nearly everyone who has built with Reward Homes will have met and experienced her warm personality.


Troy McCrudden

Business Development Manager

Troy’s role at Reward Homes is both instrumental and indispensable. As the first point of contact for clients, he is responsible for inciting their excitement, calming their nerves and walking them through the process of building their dream home. This is achieved through his warm, friendly personality and genuine passion for home décor. Thus, he has flourished in his role as business development manager.

Troy’s achievements at Reward can also be accredited to his strong education background as well as his multidisciplinary industry experience. Upon completing his studies in Sydney, he has worked in sales with various companies in areas such as building and design. This has not only given him an advantage understanding the needs of the client but also a keen eye for design and colour consultancy. Without ever compromising on quality, value and speediness, Troy humanises the building experience for every individual client.


Amba McCrudden

Client Liaison Manager

Amba has worked with Reward Homes for over six years, showing endless dedication and care for her clients. She is the wife of Chris McCrudden and daughter-in-law to the Company Director, Michael McCrudden.

In 2010, Amba first started at Reward Homes as the Client Coordinater for construction and is currently the Client Liaison Manager for pre-construction. Amba coordinates the tenders and contracts for new homes, house and land packages and arranges building applications and approvals.

With a friendly personality and strong communication skills, Amba is responsible for liaison with clients to ensure trust and transparency, so that her clients understand and are involved in every step of the planning and construction process. Amba has a strong attention to detail and works with professionalism and due diligence to ensure that her clients are always well informed and satisfied.

Having experienced the process of building a home with Reward Homes, Amba understands the anxiety and challenges many clients may encounter. Amba is focused on making the experience as easy, enjoyable and hassle-free as possible to ensure peace of mind for her clients.


Chris McCrudden

Construction Supervisor

Chris started with Reward Homes since its inception and has had a long association with the construction industry. He completed his studies in Sydney and Queensland, attaining a Certificate III in Carpentry and has previously had experience working as a licensed roof plumber. Since then, he has taken on the role of Construction Supervisor at Reward Homes to oversee residential and commercial work. Driven by his strong work ethics, friendly personality and family values – Chris has established wonderful relationships with contractors and clients alike.

Chris believes that for the most of us, buying a home will be the single biggest investment that we make in our lives. Whether it is purchasing a future family home or making an investment, it is a big commitment and requires extensive planning and consideration. He always keeps in mind that all clients are different, whether they are first home buyers, investors or people upgrading the family home. Thus, Chris believes that all clients should be treated with the highest level of professionalism and strives to provide them with a rewarding and quality experience.


Craig McCrudden

Building Supervisor

Craig has had a long association the building industry. Until 2013, Craig owned and worked at CJM Roof in Riverstone providing NSW Fair Trading Licensed carpentry and roof plumbing services. With the support of his family and the drive of his entrepreneurial spirit, Craig has continued to pursue his passions within the building industry. Since then, he has attained a Builders License and taken on the integral role as the Building Supervisor at Reward Homes.

Craig is responsible for the supervision of staff work involving building maintenance, construction and inspections, and enforcing safety regulations. He completes his role with great care and attention to detail to ensure the safety of his team and the smooth running of building operations. With great relations with his team, dedication and strong work ethics, he has been greatly successful in his role.

Craig strives to provide his clients with the ultimate satisfaction through an easy and rewarding experience when building their dream home.


Nathan Baxter

Estimating & Purchasing Officer

Nathan completed his education in Sydney. He has maintained a strong background in the construction industry with extensive knowledge of the building process.

In his role, Nathan has extensive financial knowledge to perform critical analysis to determine the best options for Reward Homes – and to liaise with suppliers. He works with great attention to detail to ensure accuracy and consistency in the details of his work. His strong interpersonal and communication skills are evident through his ability to facilitate interactions and manage the relationships with suppliers, the company and other stakeholders.

Nathan plays an integral role with Reward Homes and is a major contributor to its success. His knowledge, friendly personality and willingness to help is all a part of making an enjoyable and easy building experience with his clients at Reward Homes.


Sharee Fraser

Office / Accounts Manager

Sharee has made an invaluable contribution to the success of Reward Homes since it was established in 2008.

Sharee previously worked as the Office Manager at CJM Roof & Building Services, as a trusted employee alongside Michael McCrudden and his family. She has gained extensive accounting and financial knowledge as well as practical experience in her field.

In her current role, Sharee is an assistant to Company Director, Michael McCrudden and responsible for the management of Reward Homes company accounts and finance with the payroll and accounts payable and receivable. She works with diligence and fine attention to detail to ensure the accuracy of all company accounts and records.

Sharee is a dedicated employee and emanates the core values and principles of Reward Homes, through her strong work ethics, professionalism and attitude towards client relationships. Her bright personality and strong interpersonal skills enables her to work effectively with the team at Reward Homes to provide the best service to its clients.


Jim Dionysatos


After graduating with a Commerce degree, Jim worked in his community to assist local builders and developers with their finances and gradually expanded to different areas. He has also had prior experience as manager for whole development projects.

Motivated by his strong business background and passion for Australian properties, Jim has sought various opportunities for new development projects. In 2008, he independently embarked on a small development project which has been largely successful. The Kingsgrove property has a currently market value of over $5 million.

Jim is currently focused on the Norwest precinct area, and his accounting business is thriving largely due to his interpersonal skills and solid accounting knowledge. The key to his success is to develop strong customer relationships and to understand their individual circumstances in order to provide them with effective solutions for financial management.